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The inter.PAL - Pallet-Account provides 100% transparency on your loading equipment movements and availabilities. In addition you get access to the most relevant transactions as well as the necessary flexibility to support your core business - e.g. by transferring your account balance to equalize accounts payables in pallets. You want Logistics 4.0? Than you need Pallets 4.0!


In the inter.PAL - Depot-Network you can drop and pick-up euro pallets as flexible as you want all over europe at more than 200 destinations. inter.PAL also returns collected account balances in full truck loads - to be picked-up or delivered - in the requested quality class (NEW, A, B or C acc. to GS1-Germany classification).


Whether you want to use the standardized pallet voucher (acc. to GS1 Germany) or any kind of individual voucher (acc. to your special needs) - you can easily flexibilize the availabilities of your pallets and other loading equipment by issuing pallet vouchers out of the inter.PAL - Online-Portal. We provide the full administration and even the return to the companies receiving pallet vouchers from you. Cashing of vouchers can easily be done in a simplified and 100% transparent digitalized process. The input for the parties involved is as low as it can be, having full transparency of each single transaction.


Document your pallet movements directly when and where they take place. By immediate booking and agreement of both parties involved you avoid any additional effort or tasks. Pictures and documents can be added to the transactions. The resulting transparency reduced costs and efforts for both parties to a minimum.


Return available pallets or order pallets when you need them. You define time, destination and quality. Using the inter.PAL pooling system you get the services of a closed pool at the price of the open pool - receiving 100% transparency.


You reach optimized transaction costs of your whole pallet circle, by using concrete implementable clauses and the necessary tool box to proceed them in an easy and flexible way by the parties involved. Using the right agreements you solve the challenge loading equipment in an easy and sustainable way.


1. Register free of charge

2. Confirm registration message

3. Enter voucher-code

For getting your voucher-code you just have to contact the inter.PAL - service-team. Our service-team is always available for you and shows you how to use the digital euro-pallet.



Loading equipment

Pallets and other loading equipment are indispensable elements in logistics. But minimizing the full cost of pallet circulations has major influence on the fact, how successful you can provide your own logistic service. inter.PAL is specialized on reducing the circulation costs of pallets and other loading equipment within echange systems, that are used in high volumes. This is relevant for the following loading equipment:

  • Euro pallets (EPAL)
  • Half size pallets (e.g. Düsseldorfer pallets
  • Box pallets (e.g. EPAL)
  • Hygiene pallets
  • E-Boxes (Meat boxes red)
  • E-Performance boxes (Meat boxes blue; acc. to GS1 Germany)
  • Drugstore boxes
  • Plastic boxes (var.)
  • Industry pallets
  • CP pallets
  • Wooden pallets (var.)





free of charge


24,99 €

Business Pro

69,99 €


free of charge


269,89 €

Business Pro

755,89 €

online portal (no of accounts) 1 1 - 5 1 - 10
pallet application - incl. incl.
mobile data - incl. incl.
hand in pallet vouchers* incl. incl. incl.
check pallet vouchers* incl. incl. incl.
overview account and billing incl. incl. incl.
buy** pallets possible possible possible
sell** pallets possible possible possible
bar chart incl. incl. incl.
single transaction overview incl. incl. incl.
search transaction - incl. incl.
sort transaction list - incl. incl.
export transaction list - incl. incl.
report pallet account - incl. incl.
transfers within company*** possible incl. incl.
transfer outside company*** possible possible incl.
drop pallets at depot*** possible possible possible
mobile transaction ordering*** possible possible possible
deduct pallets from third party accounts**** - - -
pick up pallets at depot*** possible possible possible
hand in pallet vouchers issued by third parties*** possible possible possible
invite business partners incl. incl. incl.
issue pallet vouchers - standardized individual

* relevant for pallet vouchers, issued by the inter.PAL - Online-Portal
** fees according to transaction price list****; sales and purchase prices will be shown during sales or purchase process
*** fees according to transaction pricelist****
**** to be requested at inter.PAL customer service


Satisfaction guaranteed

We are convinced, that the inter.PAL services provide a significant value add for the parties involved in pallet and other loading equipment transaction. That means on the one hand, that the process costs of a whole circulation can be reduced and the transparency of the transactions increases significantly. Another result is, that full transparency is realized concerning pallet movements and the resulting pallet account balances, havin positive impact on the capital commitment. In case you are not satisfied with the services received, we offer the payback of the 3 last monthly service package payments to you. This also true for the unlikely case of finding another service provider that provides the same services at lower prices.


About us

inter.PAL is successful and increasing continuously, as users of euro pallets and other loading equipment are reducing costs with us as well as are increasing transparency of transactions and account balances significantly.



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